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Over the last few decades, revocable living trusts have become increasingly popular among people who wish to protect their assets and preserve them for future generations. A revocable living trust can be used in conjunction with a will as part of a comprehensive estate plan. Living trusts have long been viewed as a tool for the extremely wealthy, but the team at Otte & Czajkowska, LLC understands that living trusts can provide security for you and your family, regardless of the size of your estate.

What Is a Revocable Living Trust?

Like all trusts, a revocable living trust is a written agreement in which the creator—also called the grantor—transfers assets to a trustee for the intended benefit of specified beneficiaries. Assets transferred to the trustee are considered to be under the control of the trust. A living trust goes into effect immediately and remains effective during the grantor's lifetime. "Revocable" means that the trust can be modified or revoked at any time while the grantor is alive.

In order to provide the protection and peace of mind you deserve, a revocable living trust must be created with forethought, and it must be properly funded. Unlike a will, which must pass through the probate process before it can transfer your property to your heirs, a revocable living trust can be administered right away upon your death. Administering a revocable living trust does not require the involvement of the court in most cases, which means the value and contents of your estate can remain private.

Trustee Considerations in Northwest Chicago

At Otte & Czajkowska, LLC, we can help you decide if a revocable living trust is right for your situation. If you choose to utilize a revocable living trust, you can name yourself as the primary trustee for the remainder of your lifetime. This means that you will still have control over the assets in the trust. You will, however, need to select someone to succeed you as trustee, either upon your death or at a designated point of your choosing in the future. Our attorneys will work with you in selecting the right person or entity to manage your trust so that you can be sure that your assets will be handled properly.

Lincolnwood Estate Planning Attorneys Protecting Your Best Interests

With so many options available, proper estate planning can be complicated and confusing, and it is easy to become overwhelmed. The skilled team at Otte & Czajkowska, LLC, can help simplify the process. We take the time to listen to you and to understand your values and financial goals. Doing so allows us to recommend tools like revocable living trusts that can provide the security and peace of mind your family deserves.

Otte & Czajkowska, LLC is proud to be one of the few estate planning firms in northwest Chicago to offer Polish-language legal services. Elder law and estate planning issues are complex enough on their own, and we know that language barriers often make things even more challenging. With a Polish-speaking attorney as a part of our team, we are equipped to help our Polish clients with their estate planning and elder law concerns.

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